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The more I wear this the better I like it.

Going from my nose memory alone, this has been reformulated: for the better. I liked Havana when it made its debut in 1994. But it was too ... SOMETHING for my taste, and I have never been able to quantify what that was. I am a lover of tobacco's scent but was it too much? Whatever it was, it always kept me from taking home a bottle.

On a whim I decided to splurge for a new bottle (batch AA3) that I saw for a good price. My horizons have expanded since Havana's original release, plus I like what Aramis did with the reissues of New West and Aramis 900. So why not give it another whirl?

I am impressed. This is instantly a welcoming, classic, soapy-spice scent of quality. It is potent but not in a loud way. It is not aggressive, yet it is assertive and unquestionably masculine. If you're looking for "sweet," look elsewhere. It ain't here. But that amazing tobacco blend certainly is here. Whatever was slightly repulsive to me in the original Havana is gone or blended in a different way. There is nothing here that I don't like.

For all these reasons, I am liking Havana more and more to the point of loving it. Try it. You may feel the same if you want a break from the trends of today.

When her sis goes out to party and her grandmother starts snoring, Camila heads out to the movies, where she watches a lush, dance-filled film, where the leading actress — also played by Cabello — ends up alone. “That’s the ending?” she asks the screen with a disappointed tone. “You end up alone?”

Havana Mood - Havana MoodHavana Mood - Havana MoodHavana Mood - Havana MoodHavana Mood - Havana Mood